Australia’s Authority On Operational Performance Through People Engagement

Are Undetected Process Issues Causing Expensive Damage That You’re Not Even Aware Of?


For Business Leaders Accountable
For Driving Results Through Sustainable Change

Have you or the rest of your organisation ever asked these questions?

  • What is the key to achieving the culture you need to drive the results you want?
  • How do you engage your teams to ensure they are aligned with your strategies and outcomes?
  • How do you identify when systems are over-complicated, redundant, lacking ownership, non-existent or not standardised?
  • Which systems need to be optimised to reach your organisation’s long-term objectives?
  • What are the true sources of mistakes and defects, and what are the underlying causes of human error?
  • You’ve got great quality control procedures, so why are you still having problems with defects?
  • Do you know with certainty that you’re providing your customers with everything they need?
  • How do you shine a spotlight on hidden wastes, KPIs, and why do you need to “create the gap”?
  • Are you really saving as much as you could be, or is there still room for improvement?

Above all, how to implement effective and efficient improvements despite everything else that’s going on!

Alfred Ablaza is Australia’s Authority On Operational Performance Through People Engagement. For over twenty-six years, he has paved the way for business leaders to achieve the speed they need to optimise their highest-value operations through sustainable change.

Recognised as a world-class Improvement Specialist, Alfred is highly sought-after by organisations in the manufacturing and service industries, ranging from domestic organisations through to blue chip multinationals, who value his ability to improve performance, reduce waste, elevate product quality, increase customer satisfaction, and develop people and culture.

Building innovative initiatives onto the tried and trusted foundations of LEAN Six Sigma, Alfred works with business leaders to create, coach and, above all, implement clear, concise strategies that lead to sustainable cost-saving improvements, and culture and people development.

With over 20 years of experience at Nestlé, Alfred has a strong ability to zoom from macro to micro. A strong believer in the principles of providing systems and processes for long-term gain, Alfred is keen to share his expertise.

In Speed-To-Results, Alfred busts through the Top 10 myths and misconceptions that cost organisations time and money. It is sure to prove an invaluable tool to business leaders looking to get their organisations up to the speed they need to achieve the results they want.

“It is refreshing to work with someone as talented as Alfred; he just gets us! Alfred has been guiding & coaching my teams to strive for growth through sustainable change. I am constantly impressed with Alfred’s gravitas and ability to get people engaged in solutions—even the busy ones that were initially not on the same page. He leaves us with an invaluable legacy; a legacy of wanting to be better.”

Marco Lupacchini

National Operations Director, Greencap

“Alfred has worked on a project for CCI and I found him to be professional and dedicated. He was resilient in communicating with our stakeholders and stayed focused on our improvement objective.”

Michael Min Fa

Insurance Application Services, Manager, Catholic Church Insurance

“Alfred & I worked together on various cross-functional projects. I have found him to be a strong team player who will pull out all stops to ensure delivery of common goals.

When considering Alfred’s strengths, I would say he is an extremely capable change agent and articulate communicator. Not only does he initiate change tactfully, but he also puts appropriate support in place to ensure change delivers.

When working for Nestlé, Alfred was well-known for his track record of coaching individuals and teams to succeed.”

Greg Pritchard

Vice President, Nestlé

“Alfred worked across the company at all levels to set up systems and procedures for our Quality Management System, which has resulted in an ISO9001 certification. We found him to be energetic, diligent and professional at all times. Our company has benefitted greatly from working with Alfred, and we recommend him highly.”

Matthew Harrison

Managing Director, Desalination Equipment Manufacturer

“I’ve known Alfred for more than 10 years and worked with him in a variety of roles, from performance improvement in operations to safety & health management at a regional and global level. I admire Alfred for his dedication, integrity and results focus.”

Dr Claus Conzelmann

Regional Vice President, Nestlé

In this breakthrough book for business leaders, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a clear understanding of what might go wrong with your people and your processes at every step of the way
  • How undetected blockages and hold-ups could be causing damage that you’re not even aware of
  • How to solve issues such as throughput problems by employing innovative, strategic methodologies
  • How to deliver sustainable results that save time and money in the short-, medium- and long-term
  • How to overcome myths and misconceptions prevalent in your industry and surmount the barriers to achieving your goals