Learning Business Acumen

Do you and your managers experience these problems when making decisions?

  • Choosing between price increase versus cost reduction (but still give a discount anyway)
  • Not understanding the root causes of your overdue invoices from your clients they keep piling, and you keep chasing!
  • Dilemma on choosing between running with overtime versus getting contract labour
  • Always tempted to buy more materials due to a price break, even if they are not required immediately (not to mention lack of space)

Zodiak– The Game of Business Finance & Strategy is a fast-paced, unique one-day hands-on simulation that builds business and financial acumen from learners throughout your organisation. It allows them to experience running a business and make strategic decisions that lead to commercial success. Through hands-on learning by moving chips through group collaboration, participants will explore developing a strategy, financial concepts and, importantly, how their actions contribute to the top and bottom lines (profit and revenue growth), and cash flow management.

Why is business acumen so important?