Leadership: The 2nd Principle of Quality Management

Now that we’ve looked at leadership, and a few of the traits and qualities that I believe make up a good leader, here’s a look at how great leadership can prove so beneficial for your business:

Improved employee efficiency

Over the years I’ve employed a number of leaders in various roles for my company, and arguably the one thing that impressed me the most out of each and every one of them, was their ability to get the best out of those that they were overseeing. They all had different methods, just as I have my own, but each of these methods proved very useful at really increasing the efficiency of my employees. Put simply, a leader is not there to tell others what to do, a leader is there to lead by example, and to help get the best out of your employees. Good leadership should be at the forefront of any management system so don’t underestimate it under any circumstances.

Tasks and activities are assigned to correct individuals

Another really effective benefit of good leadership is the fact that they’re able to delegate tasks and activities to employees and staff members that are best suited to their own specific abilities. For example, if an employee was especially good with numbers but not so great with their hands, they would be assigned tasks relating to numbers, rather than those involving manual labour and such like. Simply put, employees will be assigned tasks and activities based upon their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will immediately increase the productivity of your company.

It reduces errors and miscommunication

This particular benefit is a perfect example of how efficient project management can really help to reduce the likelihood of errors and miscommunication in the workplace. We’re all human, from time to time we will make errors, no matter how fantastic we are at our jobs. The key here is to not only learn from them and ensure they don’t happen again, but to take necessary measures required to ensure that they are avoided in the future. A good manager or leader will lead by example, they should teach employees about the importance of communication and how it can cut back on the likelihood of errors substantially.

Already we can see the benefits of a having effective leadership and this is a very important fundamental in maintaining an effective Quality Management System.