You can use this video to help with training programs you are conducting in the office. It will also come in handy to generate management buy in for any QMS related decision making that you require.

What is a Quality Management System?

Video Transcript:

What is a QMS?

QMS stands for Quality Management System. Having a QMS in your organisation means you provide an assurance and commitment to your customers. It ensures that your entire organisation manages QUALITY of your goods or services effectively and efficiently, at all times.

In a QMS, your processes are defined, agreed by and transparent to all of your employees. You will have a user-friendly set of documents used by all staff in their day-to-day operations. Documents like procedures, work instructions and records. All of these lead into ensuring that you satisfy your customers by delivering consistent quality goods or services to them.

To ensure it aligns with an international standard, you can then apply for certification in ISO9001, which your customers and suppliers would recognise globally.

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