What are the typical issues you face in your business? Here are the Top 7 questions to ask if you need a Quality Management System (QMS).

Video Transcript:

Top 7 Questions to Ask if you Need a QMS?

  1. Do we need to increase confidence in the quality of my goods or services as they get delivered to our customer? Increase DIFOT (Delivery In Full and On Time) by more than 10% and achieve a specification accuracy of greater than 99%.
  2. Do we need more standardisation of procedures to ensure repeatability and efficient training with all staff? Increase productivity of tasks by at least 20% and increase the level of skills by around 10%.
  3. Are roles and responsibilities clear and agreed by all employees?
  4. Do we have a factual and systematic approach in every decision-making?
  5. Are problems fixed forever? Reduce quality defects by more than half and inspection activities by greater than 20% which can be non-value adding.
  6. Do we need to eliminate wastes in reworking, remaking, looking for information, wondering what the standard procedures are? Save up to 25% of employee’s time performing non-value adding tasks.
  7. Do we need to ensure that any improvements we have made are sustained well?

These questions will help you find out how a Quality Management System could help improve your business.

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