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LEAN Six Sigma / Operational Excellence / Melbourne Consultants

  • Do you need to embed a culture of Continuous Improvement in your organisation?
  • How could you reduce wastes and save time and money?
  • How could you build your team’s skills and capabilities and get them more engaged with improvement work?

Why LEAN Six Sigma / Operational Excellence?

  • Do your customers receive their goods in full and on time more than 99% of the time?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the quality of your products and services? Are they measured?
  • Are your margin levels maintained (based on budget) and does not compromise operational requirements?
  • Are your defects and material wastes at a reasonably low level?
  • Do your teams at the shop floor manage their Overall Equipment Effectiveness and achieve >85%?
  • Are your labour and machine resources fully utilised to >90% according to its desired capacity?
  • Do your teams know exactly where to find their tools and material handling equipment at all times?
  • Are staff aware where to easily access information and data and not lose up to 25% of their time?
  • Is your inventory of materials and finished products at a reasonably low level without missing customer orders?
  • Are your processes truly standardised, documented and agreed by all which leads to continuous improvement?
  • Is your Overtime at a reasonable level (less than 5%) and that you are hardly in “fire-fighting” mode?
  • Do your operations have a controlled amount of movements, motions and tasks that keeps your manual handling related injuries at a zero level?
Did you realise any issues or problems in your business or organisation?
Are you seeing any improvement opportunities at your workplace?
If so, then we are here to help you IMPROVE so you could achieve YOUR GOALS.


LEAN Six Sigma / Operational Excellence - Manager

Through Operational Excellence, you will see more Benefits and Outcomes

  • Notice the true level of engagement by your employees (it’s beyond just attending meetings and performing their tasks)
  • Frontline staff will come to you with options in dealing with their issues, at times even the problems already solved
  • You will no longer blame “human errors”
  • People will know ‘what’s going on’ and that ‘someone did tell me’
  • Employees will learn more about themselves and how they think, which would result to better teamwork
  • Everyone will communicate better including how to effectively verbalise a conflict or issue
  • People will better manage their emotional cycle when changes occur

These are all little investments towards a sustainable Continuous Improvement Culture.

How can we help you?

Analyse your business processes or manufacturing operations and identify improvements

  • Help you implement those improvements
  • Train and coach your teams in LEAN or Six Sigma (formal qualifications)
  • Help you better understand your organisation’s Vision, Purpose, and Goals
  • Coach you with Leadership Development and Change Management skills
We always tailor to your needs – we can either do the work for you, coach you how to do it, or a combination of both.
Ask us now how you could avail of government-funded services.


We can help you using LEAN and Six Sigma tools and methodologies

Here are some examples:

  • LEAN Business Health Checks
  • Value Stream Mapping and Value Stream Designs
  • 5S – Workplace Organisation
  • DMAIC Improvement Projects (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)
  • Pull Systems / Kanban
  • Visual Management and Controls
  • Work Standardisation
  • Kaizen / Continuous Improvement
  • Workplace Designs and Layout Planning
  • Quality Tools and Root Cause Analysis
  • Quick Changeover
  • Total Productive Maintenance (OEE)
  • Culture and Morale Surveys
  • Change Management
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