Since getting into business many years ago, if there’s one thing I picked up relatively quickly, it was that an effective quality management system can literally be the difference between success and failure in businesses all over the world, no matter how big or small they may be. When I look back to where I was when I first began, I feel proud to see what I, and everybody else involved, have been able to accomplish, thanks in part to utilising a QMS. We keep our quality standards high, we set our quality objectives high, we focus on our customers, our employees, and truthfully everybody else involved in one way or another, which is one of the reasons why I believe we’ve become so successful, by involving all people in one way or the other. Here, in this week’s blog, I’ll be talking about principle 3 – Involvement of people, and, following the same format as my previous blogs, will be looking at what is meant by “involvement of people” and how it can prove so beneficial for your company.

Involvement of people

Though pretty self-explanatory, I’ll still provide a brief overview of what is meant by this particular principle before looking at how it can improve your company. By involving people of all levels within your business or company, you’re keeping everybody in the loop and are allowing their abilities to be utilized to their full potential. Simply put, you’re getting the absolute best out of everybody involved in your company. This not only enhances productivity, it also increases problem solving and cuts back on the likelihood of errors. It is one of the more effective quality tools that business owners can employ, and it works wonders.

What are the main benefits of this particular principle?

Here’s the first key benefit: People within your organization are committed and motivated.

We all like to feel as if we’re serving a purpose, so by involving everybody in your company in some capacity, you’re giving them the chance to serve a purpose and are showing them just how useful they can be. This makes them feel like a part of the family and will only serve to motivate them further, committing their time and efforts on making your organization a success.