Giving Gratitude Leads to Happiness

One evening I noticed my wife writing a journal almost every night before she went to sleep. My curiosity had led me to find out that she gives gratitude for her day.

Since then (Aug 2014), I have been practicing a similar journal. Through an app, I have taken note of what I have been thankful for each day. It may be good behaviour demonstrated by my kids, events with my family (and friends), successes of my clients, outcomes from people I meet, small wins from my business, etc.

I then rate my level of happiness (from a scale of OK, happy, to extremely happy). The app has options for sad (and angry) faces but I always chose “OK” as my lowest. No matter how bad my day was, there’s got to be something positive that still happened.

In July 2017, I decided to download all my data from my app to Excel and plotted a graph. See below. The green dots represent my daily happiness ratings and the curve is a 90-day moving average.

The 3-year data speaks for itself! As I give gratitude about someone or something daily, my level of happiness subconsciously increases!


MyWonderfulDays_Aug2014-Jun2017 Graph