ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

  • Thinking of implementing a new ERP system in your company?
  • Are your business processes and business rules effective and working well for you?
  • How would you efficiently manage your ERP implementation project and help all staff cope with change?

Why do you need support?

  • Do you understand how your current business processes work?
  • Do you think some people simply say that “the new software will save the day?”
  • Have you identified any improvements and converted processes to become ERP-friendly?
  • Are all your Business Rules updated and agreed by all?
  • Do you need assistance and coaching with Project Management?
  • Do you need any technical assistance in the implementation?
  • Do you have a training and development plan in place and a support structure that sustains the system, almost on auto pilot?
  • Have you mapped out all possible business and operational risks and the respective controls?
  • Are you prepared to manage people’s expectations, feelings and reactions when this big CHANGE happens?
  • Or do you simply need more ‘hands on deck’ to implement a new system as everyone else is too busy with the day-to-day operations?
Do you have all of the above under control before deciding on which ERP to purchase or implement?
If not, we can help you achieve sustainable results.


ERP Implementation - Factory

What we can help you with?

  • Define the scope, objectives and deliverables of a new ERP system
  • Map and analyse your CURRENT STATE business processes
  • Map your FUTURE STATE business processes and collaborate with all stakeholders for agreement
  • Define, improve and agree on your Business Rules with all relevant departments
  • Identify relevant process improvements and assist with implementation
  • Define all metrics and quantify overall cost savings of the project
  • Help you decide on your ERP provider
  • Assist you set-up your Project Management framework (management structure, milestones, action plans, timelines, roles and responsibilities, KPIs, visual management, etc)
  • Set-up a risk analysis methodology (business and operational risks)
  • Coach you with Change Management skills. Conduct training.
  • Help you set-up and/or run with training and communication sessions
  • Assist with any other documentation requirements (processes, technical work instructions, procedures)
  • Provide technical assistance in the implementation (eg. workflow creation, system validations, mapping, data cleansing, system integration, system roles and access, forms definitions and reports, testing, decommissioning of legacy systems)

We always tailor to your needs – we can either do the work for you, coach you how to do it, or a combination of both. Ask us now how you could avail of government-funded services.

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