Last time we looked at customer focus and this week I’d like to continue where I left off and provide you with a few more benefits associated with customer focus. Before we do that however, first off here’s a reminder of what I spoke about to help refresh your memories.

Customer Focus

In order for any business to succeed, on top of great leadership, the main factor which will decide just how successful they actually are is customer satisfaction. Businesses depend on their customers as they would literally be nothing without them. As well as offering top notch customer service, businesses in my opinion, should ensure their product quality and services are first rate, as that is what will help keep their customers happy, and as mentioned, a happy customer is more likely to return to your business and recommend you to others.

A Few More Customer Focus Benefits

There are many benefits associated with customer focus, which I’ll be covering in whole over my next two or three blogs. For now however, here’s a look at some of the more prominent and vital benefits that customer focus is able to offer businesses all over Australia, and all over the globe too for that matter.

Better Use of Company Resources Lead to Customer Satisfaction

Another key benefit of customer focus is the fact that it can also lead to an improvement in the use of company resources and services which in turn will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. I always tell people that it doesn’t matter which products, resources, or services you’re offering your customers, as long as these products, resources, and/or services are appealing to your customer needs and requirements, and are presented at the highest possible standards, your customers will be impressed and will continue to use your business again and again. By making your customers the focus by improving and better utilising your resources, you greatly increase your chances of achieving maximum customer satisfaction which can only be a benefit to your business and your customers.

Increased Revenue and Market Share

Another great benefit of customer focus, and one which has helped my company greatly over the years, is the fact that it will lead to increased revenue and market share. The main reason for this is that if you’re setting out to make your customers the focus of your business by taking the customer needs into account, you may approach marketing opportunities from a different direction to your competition and may discover new products, services, and opportunities that help you stand out in the crowd. If you’re quick off the mark this can really benefit you in the long run.

A More Efficient Company

As I’ve mentioned previously, customer focus generally leads to customer satisfaction which is obviously what you’re looking to achieve. Not only that however, but it also improves numerous other quality metrics and aspects of your business as well, leading to a more efficient and effective company. By providing top quality customer services and aiming for 100% customer satisfaction, you should be looking at just how satisfied your customers are, and then acting upon the results. You can ask them to leave reviews or fill in questionnaires perhaps? I’ve been doing this for years and it has really helped to improve my company greatly. By reading feedback from your customers, you will learn what you’re doing right, and perhaps what you’re doing wrong. If there is one aspect of your business, whether it be delivery, a particular service, or one product in particular that you’ve noticed more than one customer not being satisfied with, you can cite this aspect of your business as needing development and can then focus on improving it. Feedback is what helped me to grow my business and I welcome it in all forms, whether it be positive or negative. By acting on negative feedback, you can improve characteristics of your business that customers aren’t satisfied with, which will in turn make your company more efficient once you successfully improve whatever it is that was letting you down.

If you’re looking to enjoy any level of success with your business, an effective Quality Management System must be implemented, but don’t worry, as mentioned previously I’ll be going over everything you need to know over the coming weeks.

That’s all I’ve got time for this article, but be sure to check out my next blog as I’ll be finishing up our customer focus blog and talking a little more about what each principle can mean for you and your business as a whole.