Case Study – Aqueous Solutions

Aqueous Solutions

QMS Implementation and ISO 9001 Certification

Aqueous Solutions provides water technology solutions to customers throughout Australia and the Asian region with custom-built water and wastewater equipment. Their expertise covers professional design, construction, installation and commissioning of water treatment equipment. From their Melbourne base, they serve a broad range of customers that includes mining and major industry, agribusiness, schools and sports facilities, municipal and commercial users.

In 2013, the business had a goal to implement a Quality Management System and achieve certification to ISO 9001. They felt the need to improve their existing management systems, including identified areas such as:

  • customer satisfaction especially after equipment installation and commissioning
  • design review, validation and verification
  • document control and records managementwith particular focus upon technical documentation

More and more of their customers have also been looking for ISO 9001 certification. By achieving certification, Aqueous Solutions can give their customers assurance that their processes and systems are consistent, reliable and responsive.

Through involvement and engagement of the entire team (operations, engineering, sales, administration functions), they have successfully implemented quality standards that helped improve their water equipment design and production. The staff has been directly involved in writing the procedures and work instructions, as they know the processes well. Today, these documents give them confidence in ensuring that the production, testing and installation processes are consistently performed and measured. Each job involves a large volume of technical documents and design. An improved document management system has helped manage version control and file organisation.

Some employees have been working in the business for a number of years, but the system has made them more aware of their roles and the need to continually improve their skills. After implementing new Quality objectives related to the quotation process, design, production, testing and customer feedback, they are seeing a continuous improvement in their performance.

Aqueous Solutions prides themselves of providing professionally engineered and customized solutions, and being committed to their customers. Disciplines and a continuous improvement mindset were already in place. Complementing these strengths with an effective Quality Management System has allowed the company increase their returning customer base, effectively measure customer satisfaction, and demonstrate responsiveness to customer feedback.

Aqueous Solutions has shown year on year sales growth and has recently employed 5 new sales and production staff.

The success of this project was due to a number of factors:

  • Management’s commitment and determination to achieve the outcome
  • The entire team’s ownership and accountability in implementing the system, and
  • The application of simple and practical processes, systems and documents

Aqueous Solutions has an effective Quality Management System implemented and is certified to ISO9001:2008.

Alfred worked with us to develop a quality system for our company with a view to obtaining ISO 9001 accreditation. Alfred worked across the company at all levels to set up systems and procedures. We found Alfred to be energetic, diligent and professional at all times. Our company has benefited greatly from Alfred’s work.

Matthew Harrison
Managing Director at Aqueous Solutions