Following from the last article, here are more key benefits of involving your people – a key principle for Quality Management.

People will be held accountable

Another key element associated with involving others in the day to day running of your business is that they themselves will be held accountable for any errors they may make. If a certain employee is in charge or invoicing for example, and that week there was a problem with the invoicing, that person would hold their hands up, take responsibility for their error and do what it takes to make things right.

Employees will get creative and innovative

By involving employees in your company, and showing them that they have a part to play in making your company a success, this feeling of purpose will often spur them on to get innovative and creative and come up with ideas and suggestions of how you could improve the efficiency of your business even further.

People understand their roles

It may be hard to believe for some of you, but there are companies out there that have their staff and employees performing a whole variety of different jobs, many of which they aren’t actually qualified for in the first place. For example, one day they may have them working in the office creating spreadsheets perhaps. The next day they may have them outside sweeping the car park and picking rubbish. These employees won’t know whether they’re coming or going so how on earth can they be expected to help enhance that business if they have no clear role to begin with. With the involvement of people, you can ensure that people within your company will understand their roles and what it is that they’re doing on a daily basis. Product quality will improve, work productivity will improve, and morale will be at an all-time high, which is extremely useful in itself.

People will evaluate their own performance

Once they know that not only do they have a firm part to play in the day to day running of your company, but also exactly what their main roles and objectives are, as time goes by, people will set themselves certain goals and targets alongside standards which they must adhere to in order to meet these goals and targets. They know their strengths and weaknesses and if they’re underperforming, they will identify this and do all they can to rectify the issue and get back on track.