Funded Assistance

As a business owner, you may be unaware of business improvement grants that may be available to you – federal funding and state funding especially in Victoria.

There are many assistance programmes that the Australian government is offering to help companies and organisations of all sizes and industry type improve and grow their businesses. The objective of these programs is to improve operational efficiency, create a competitive advantage, help grow and create more sales, and eventually employ more people.

australian government grants and funded programs
Australian Government Grants and Funded Programs

The available programs include

  • Up-skilling and Training grants
  • Growth Funds
  • Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme
  • Industry Skills Fund
  • Innovation Skills Voucher
  • Innovation and Research & Development (Research Connect)
  • R&D Tax Concession
  • Grow Your Business
  • Import and Export Assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Regional Innovation Funds

We have had a number of improvement projects and training programs that helped a number of businesses and organisations through these funded assistance. In some cases, there have been huge training and improvement programs where it has been cost-neutral to a company. This means no out-of-pocket expenses for the business apart from time away from work to complete the projects. On average, these initiatives have delivered anywhere from 500% to 1000% ROI (Return on Investment).

Funded Training Program – nationally recognised qualifications

The government encourages these initiatives as it promotes growth to local businesses which obviously enhances our economy. In particular, the Victorian government has been a big supporter to providing assistance especially with up-skilling our workforce towards nationally recognised qualifications such as Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma Levels in Manufacturing, Process Technology, Competitive Systems and Practices, and Warehousing. This program has not only delivered tangible outcomes and financial $ results to the business, but has more so built capability (technical skills and soft skills) to all employees across all levels (CEO to shop floor employee) to change the improvement culture for the long-term.

Contact us and speak to one of our LEAN consultants to find out if you are eligible to receive government grants and what it can do to improve and transform your business and achieve your business goals and purpose.