How We Can Help People And Organisations Improve Their Businesses, Operations And Work Culture

TYPICAL PROBLEMS AND ISSUES – Why would organisations need assistance?

  • Increased customer complaints and returns
  • Increased quality defects or data inaccuracy
  • Poor service delivery and ineffective customer experience
  • Too much re-work and double handling
  • Poor cash flow (lack of financial acumen)
  • Lack of standardisation and consistency
  • Poorly controlled safety hazards and risks
  • Lack of inventory and document control
  • Decision-making not based on facts and data
  • Reactive in dealing with problems
  • Unsustained and unrealistic improvements and innovations
  • Lack of competencies and skills
  • Human Error
  • Inefficiency in looking for materials, tools, information
  • Demotivated and frustrated staff
  • Low workplace morale

Most importantly, there is a desire to improve, but “you don’t have time!”

METHOD OF ANALYSIS – How can we help you explore and discover your needs?

We start by performing a Business Operations Review and Analysis

Typical methodologies:

  • Map and review the process and look for “wastes” (Value Stream Mapping and Analysis)
  • Interview employees and discuss issues
  • Understand and learn from your customers
  • Work / Line Observations
  • Data gathering at the shop floor and work areas
  • Review KPIs and reports (business & operational levels)

METHOD OF ENGAGEMENT – How can we help you improve?

  • Hands-on project implementation at your workplace
  • Deploy improvement projects in teams (Lean Six Sigma & Root Cause Analysis approach)
  • One-on-one coaching or group mentoring of senior or frontline managers (shadowing, project implementation, performance reviews)
  • Business and financial acumen game simulation (for the ‘non-financial-minded people’)
  • Establish and agree on roles, responsibilities and accountabilities (RACI matrix)
  • Communication and awareness sessions across all staff
  • Training (non-certified or certified including nationally-recognised qualifications in Competitive Systems & Practices or Lean Six Sigma)
  • Set-up visual display systems and improvement routines
  • 5S workplace organisation and housekeeping
  • Develop and implement new processes, systems and tools

RESULTS & BENEFITS – What can the organisation get out of this? What’s in it for the employees?

  • Cost Improvements (target for a Return on Investment)
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Consistent Product or Service Quality
  • Reduced Lead Time
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Safer Workplace


For Managers and Staff

  •  Make their jobs easier and reduce frustrations
  •  Culture and Morale improvement
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Continuous Improvement skills and mindset

“Alfred led a highly engaging and effective Lean training course”

“In a complex world, Alfred brings a sense of clarity and simplicity to business challenges. Alfred is very focused on measurable outcomes.”

“I admire Alfred for his dedication, integrity and results focus”

“The training delivery and materials were highly professional, and the staff were able to receive the training and interact with Alfred easily and effectively. Alfred was very thorough and committed to the objectives, I would recommend Alfred to others seeking to get on the improvement pathway!”

“Alfred has a unique helpful approach and we can sincerely recommend him! Cultural change and operations improvement are what we needed and he provided it!”

“Alfred’s positive and engaging approach has been well received across functions and across all levels of the business. Alfred brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and competence to training and coaching and quickly builds trust with our people. His facilitative approach and way of simplifying concepts and applying to our business needs has been effective.”

“Alfred has inspired my managers and provided excellent counselling and support”

In this breakthrough book for business leaders, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a clear understanding of what might go wrong with your people and your processes at every step of the way
  • How undetected blockages and hold-ups could be causing damage that you’re not even aware of
  • How to solve issues such as throughput problems by employing innovative, strategic methodologies
  • How to deliver sustainable results that save time and money in the short-, medium- and long-term
  • How to overcome myths and misconceptions prevalent in your industry and surmount the barriers to achieving your goals