About Alfred Ablaza

Gagement improves operational performance and processes across businesses through coaching, consulting, training, and cultural change.

We develop and improve employees’ competencies in Lean Six Sigma, problem-solving, quality systems, WHS practices, business acumen and financial literacy. Through people development and engagement, we create a Continuous Improvement culture which leads to improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our PURPOSE is to help people and organisations sustain long-term positive change.


    Our competitive advantage means that:

    We don’t just tell you what to do, but also help you do it.

    We are driven by results and outcomes as well as the processes and practices.

    We ensure we understand your business well … we talk to your people (at all levels), listen to their ideas, observe the operations, read your documentation.

    We focus in coaching people and building their capabilities.

    Our team is a dynamic group of business improvement experts with proven practical experience across different industry sectors.  

    Our Organisational Character Virtues

    1. Excellence
    2. Perseverance
    3. Trustworthiness
    4. Enthusiasm
    5. Commitment
    6. Courage
    7. Innovation
    Alfred Ablaza is Australia’s Authority On Operational Performance Through People Engagement. For over twenty-six years, he has paved the way for business leaders to achieve the speed they need to optimise their highest-value operations through sustainable change.

    Recognised as a world-class Improvement Specialist, Alfred is highly sought-after by organisations in the manufacturing and service industries, ranging from domestic organisations through to blue chip multinationals, who value his ability to improve performance, reduce waste, elevate product quality, increase customer satisfaction, and develop people and culture.

    Building innovative initiatives onto the tried and trusted foundations of LEAN Six Sigma, Alfred works with business leaders to create, coach and, above all, implement clear, concise strategies that lead to sustainable cost-saving improvements, and culture and people development.

    With over 20 years of experience at Nestlé, Alfred has a strong ability to zoom from macro to micro. A strong believer in the principles of providing systems and processes for long-term gain, Alfred is keen to share his expertise.