About Alfred Ablaza

Alfred Ablaza is Australia’s Authority On Operational Performance Through People Engagement. For over 25 years, he has paved the way for business leaders to achieve the speed they need to optimise their highest-value operations.

Recognised as a world-class Improvements Specialist, Alfred is highly sought-after by organisations ranging from domestic manufacturers to blue chip multinationals who value his ability to reduce waste, improve performance, elevate product quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

Building innovative initiatives onto the tried and trusted foundations of LEAN Six Sigma, Alfred works with business leaders to create clear, concise strategies that lead to sustainable, cost-saving improvements.

Alfred possesses a unique ability to zoom in from micro to macro. From product development and manufacturing to customer delivery and compliance requirements, he has a clear awareness of the challenges blocking the best outcomes in processes and performance. Alfred also has an acute understanding of what it means when those challenges go unmet.

A strong believer in the principles of providing tools for long-term gain, Alfred has made it his mission to pass on his expertise to decision-makers in business. This drive for positive change is the inspiration behind his decision to share his insights and reveal the bottlenecks and barriers that hold companies back.

“Very passionate and committed to producing result. All employees connected with his coaching methods.”

“Alfred genuinely cares about our company and has provided us with far more than QMS expertise. He has immersed himself in our business and coached us through many aspects of cultural change and continuous improvement.”

“We found Alfred to be energetic, diligent and professional at all times!”