Value Stream Map: How can it offer Operational Excellence?

Obtaining excellence in business operation is sometimes limited as hazardous markets and competitive interests seemingly create insurmountable obstacles for many business owners. With the changing market environment and the tight competition in the business realm, one must be knowledgeable and skillful enough on using an effective method to attain operational excellence to keep them consistent on top. As lean thinking continues to govern the schools of thought intended to achieve goals, having a comprehensive & reliable set of tools, concepts, best practices and strategies designed to efficiently address any businesses or manufacturing organizations’ needs and requirement to eliminate waste that’s reducing their proficiency is indeed vital. In this matter, creating a Value Stream Map comes into action.

‘Value stream mapping’ (VSM) is an effective technique for analysing and studying the procedural flow of the materials in a manufacturing or warehousing line from initial stage up to the delivery. Through mapping the process flow, it becomes more possible for businesses to determine and come up with a solution like how to refine/polish the current condition of their line until where constant flow of materials from completion to delivery will be as efficient as it can be. With a value stream map, detailing, analysing and examining the activities that are involved in the process and representing them as value stream, wastes can easily be recognized and the operations can be streamlined.

Excellent value stream mapping is often taken to the floor, thus helping the owners and organizations to subsequently implement a process improvement. Logistical representations and design flow of those processes needs to be comprehensibly conveyed through the help of the map itself, thus, it is important to be as realistically and accurately descriptive as it should be. When a business needs to utilize the value stream map for planning their strategies, it could also be used in several capacities. This mapping is also applicable for various industries such as healthcare, logistics, administration, food processing and other industries aside from manufacturing. A VSM is very important in managing the whole task, as it is comprised of supporting methods that is used in lean environments. This helps businesses analyse design flows at system level (or across multiple processes), making it easier for them to take the proper step in time, starting from the elimination of waste and defects up to the restructuring of resources.

Whether you are a small-sized or medium-sized business, having an appropriate VSM is the best decision that you could take to speed up your process improvement and subsequently help you leverage your business in the most effective way. If you are one of those business owners who want to utilize these tools, yet don’t know how to implement a VSM in your organization or company, settle your worries aside. We at Gagement will take care of your needs! If you want to take the advantage of using VSM in your company, you can contact us at 1800 359 881 for more information, or email us at  and let us help you bring out your business true potential.